Learning Tools: Photoshop and Adobe Stuff

The two ways that can help me learning the skills that is needed to learn is the programs that I’m going to use and using youtube and google for instructions.

The program I bought is

Creative cloud (https://creative.adobe.com/plans?sdid=V2XYKZWQ&mv=search&s_kwcid=AL!3085!3!81370830904!e!!g!!adobe&ef_id=VzZS0wAAAPSAqgXI:20160617015715:s)

I bought a student plan that cost $16.99 monthly and its all apps. There are other free programs I used too.

  • Unity
  • Visual basic 2010

then google and youtube has a lot to offer and it’s free.

Some of the sites that can help me to learn the skills are










Learning Opportunities

The company is disney


You will now see if there are any learning development opportunities at the company.

Answer these questions:

1. Are there any?

  • Yes

2. If there are opportunities, what are they?

” Disney Learning Centers provide with many ways to get the most out of your experience: ”

  • Library services
  • Computer-based learning
  • Learning activities
  • Career resources

[AT04] Game field screen and splash screen

Before making the splash screen and game field screen. I’ve searched for inspiration design first

[Splash Screen]


[Game Field Screen]


then I’ve sketch some ideas and choose the most appealing to me.

after that, I’ve started to create the concept art. I’ve design a PNG character/subject that suits my taste and here it is:

Untitled-3 [Recovered].png

1 001 [Recovered]

For the splash screen, I finally finished the concept art and I’m ready to make it load on the screen.


I used visual basic 2010 and made the splash screen to work there by putting a progress bar, timer and a label. Here’s the result:



Let’s go back to the game field screen. You’ve seen already the concept PNG and yes it’s a fish. Before we go to the complete design, I want to say that the background I use is this:


This fantastic work belongs to Pumax001. I used this because I can’t paint/photo – manipulate underwater sea. (sorry about that)
Here’s the link of the art : http://pumax001.deviantart.com/art/Matte-painting-Underwater-Concept-Art-396925797
visit his deviant art @  http://pumax001.deviantart.com or his blog site @ http://angrycloudart.blogspot.com

then I used photoshop to edit everything including the underwater colour overlay effect and here’s the final art


I then used Unity to make the game field screen work.



To see the previews, check below.


[Splash Screen] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTPlP_t5q9E

[Game Field Screen] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u8HTqZZ1Z0&feature=youtu.be